Bali Dipwa VI

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Responding to the red flags from day one, we neglected the rest of the Korean packaged tour at a small price (but thank you for the hotel, really), and developed our own routine for the remainder of the week-long stay: wake up to a morning call at 9 a.m. – no clock – sit in the straw chair, look out, head down to an outdoor breakfast, look out, and meet our buddy at the resort entrance.

Thus begins the adventure with our driver from Sanur – turned fellow bum, Redhand (pronounced “Raydan”), who took us everywhere throughout Southern, Western, and Eastern Bali. Much of the brief, vehicular commutes were spent unspoken and in awe of the passing landscape, so reggae from a cassette tape – er, Ace of Base à la mode – was the filler.

“None Shall Escape the Judgment” Johnny Clarke (Madlib production)

Dreamland Beach


“Moonshine” (Jack Johnson production)

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