Landed: Washington, D.C. August 14, 2008

For more than its practical purpose of transportation, an airplane is the carrier of pivotal moments – starting and finishing – that immediately closes the chapter previous to wherever we have been staying. Personally, I find it funny how inexplicably smooth one year across the Pacific Ocean ends via aircraft: I am lifted from an enclosing routine in one place, only to be interrupted and dropped off into another across the globe. The coma experienced afterwards from traveling through several time zones – backwards – is physical proof of having to re-wire again in a new social system married by its people. I always think of it as being the new member lost amongst hundreds of busy ants in another colony.

Hovering over vast farmlands, familiar landmarks and circles of houses that sit, swirling around needle holes throughout the D.C. Metropolitan area, I peered through the airplane window not believing that there has been a continually functioning world on the other side of East Asia. The people whom I have interacted with in Seoul, South Korea are now characters that have to be carefully spoken of, and the places where I found refuge have now become far-away places that are left to people’s imaginations.

I am back in the States, 85 percent recovered from jet-lag, and I cannot believe that everything experienced throughout the past year has been real. I am afraid to redeem any of it, as if limiting experiences through words will damage the whole of everything. Moreover, self-articulation will be like starting over through physical therapy before the independent walk, where the last year has been indulged through sight, and less and less through words.

That said, let’s see if I can get myself up again.


3 thoughts on “Landed: Washington, D.C. August 14, 2008

  1. Well hello to you!
    So glad that you made it back safely. I’ve been back in the States on vacation since the 2nd of June. The difference between Seoul and Alexandria, VA. on my first night was startling! After showering and putting on some loosely fitted jeans and a T-shirt I had the uncontrollable urge to walk in the middle of my perfectly manicured street and listen to the singing nightbirds. My friend thought that I was crazy, but as much as I liked Seoul, I really liked the quiet of that night and every night that came after. I’ll return to Seoul (I’m looking for a place to rent as I write this) in a week. I plan to stay there hopefully no more than a month, maximum two to re-shoot some interiors and then make them into a book!
    I’m excited!

    Hey, do you know of a very nice apt. that I could rent for a month or two?
    Thank you and I’d like to know what your plans are now. Will you return to Seoul?

    Ciao Bella!



    Goodness, you write so well! I love reading these entries and looking at the pictures because I feel a sense of beauty and completeness even though there may be incompleteness. It has been a crazy experience one that has probably changed your life so now it’s time to embark on a new chapter in your life, best wishes!



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