Good Morning Ma’am: Philippines XII

Manila, Philippines: apartment entrance

9/4/2004 – Room 207
I spent last night sleeping in front of my door. It was rather lonely. I’m overwhelmed, anxious and nervous. I’m feeling this way due to an on-and-off loneliness (defeats a goal in knowing others), an anxiety about a questionable future and unidentifiable goals…

Tomorrow is a new day and I hope it’ll go well.

I’ve grown a lot during those years, but ultimately, I am happier now that I no longer have to spend eight months out of a year in Massachusetts/New England.

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One thought on “Good Morning Ma’am: Philippines XII

  1. Oh, those are first year memories I DON’T miss. I’m glad things are better now and I am not surprised that you’re happier now that you’re out of Western MA. It’s nice to look back and realize how much things have changed and to be grateful that you don’t have to feel those same feelings.

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