Good Morning Ma’am: Philippines IX


Krystal’s family assured me that I could leave my trained, formal mannerisms under the table and take pleasure in the moment. Sometimes a family can welcome you with a great meal, but the environment can quickly become stifling so that soon enough, you feel like you’re interviewing for a potential employer or presenting your life through diagrams sans past mistakes and bad decisions. All of that was scrapped as her aunt prepared a beautiful dinner that included dumpling soup, noodles with quail eggs, pork, fried rice and clams. The family rabbits hopped around a bit and shortly into enjoying dinner, her cousin stopped by.  She was an incredibly amiable person who is currently completing her education in nursing.   Finishing the day with positive energy and love is all that I had needed. Looking back, the casual approach to life is pervasive, and I love every part of it.

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