new years resolution: to cook from home more often

January 22, 2008

Korean food is very good. But here in Seoul, I started to physically feel why people have warned me about eating out in the major metropolis, where the only thing to do here in Seoul is to eat. Food health inspection here is surely suspicious. For example, there have been countless times when I enter restrooms inside restaurants where there is no soap. To see (no doubt, hard-working) cooks handle my food with their bare hands, and then pause to go into the bathroom is not assuring. I’ve also had my share of seeing women in restrooms leave after finishing their businesses or stop by at the sink merely to fix their hair and put on more face powder. I’ve also had my share of dozing off shortly after meals, no doubt because of chemical dosage that make the meals “taste” better. Lunches at my school, for example, are a great testament to the overwhelming fatigue I experience every work day. I’ve also had my share of Kimbab Heaven, a dirt-cheap Korean restaurant chain that sell meals as low as 2,000 won. But again, bathroom soap policy? The reason as to why the food is that cheap? Finally, I do believe that food impacts our energy, and mine was definitely dropping. I needed fresh vegetables, and if you’ve been around me, I’ve been craving for a big mixed green salad with an overflowing amount of fresh and colorful vegetables, green apples, bits of cheese, sardines and vinegar dressing.

SO, it was finally time to feed that fridge, that for two weeks has been housing a Brita filter and several empty plastic containers which were there only because my plastic recycling bin was overflowing. So Tuesday afternoon and evening were dedicated to grocery shopping at Homeplus, a mega version of Target with a grocery store on the second floor, chopping and cooking. The effort that evening was well worth it: My fridge and freezer are now well-stored, and it looks like it’ll be a while until I crawl the streets to intake chancy and stale grub. Next up: seaweed soup with Korean radish.

January 22, 2008
January 22, 2008
January 22, 2008
January 22, 2008


One thought on “new years resolution: to cook from home more often

  1. that food looks good. i still for some odd reason haven’t tried korean food, maybe when you’re back in the States you can fix me something cool you know how to make.

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