Ah, Seoul: Heart of an economy that developed too fast in a country that now produces so much irony, she overcharges anything that is either floral and Tacky or Tacky and imitation:

Obviously, I’ve fast forwarded a year. That said, disregard ‘summer2006’ on the site’s address. Let’s swing past my stint through Toulouse, Paris, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and Berlin to my current situation in Seoul, South Korea.

  Western Europe 2006 was, nonetheless, mindblowing. To get acquainted with a population – European Islamic citizens – that bites the Anglo dust was exhilarating.  I highly recommend getting to know such citizens of Amsterdam and Toulouse.

It’s been a long day (Saturday, September 1, 2007).  Unlike the rest of my fellow SMOE teachers, the ex-English teacher of my school is still occupying my apartment.  That said, I’m currently at a skeevy love motel in Ilsan where I’ll be squatting until Sunday. Ha. Ha. Fuuuuu- THAT: My aunt and uncle are on their way to pick me up.  

Today’s adventure got even better:  After politely  waving off the principle and co-teacher of the middle school where I’ll be teaching, the school’s groundskeeper (his title remains a mystery to me.) drove me to the hotel, which is probably a good planet away from downtown Seoul.  The first thing the clerk of the hotel’s entrance hands me is a ziplock that contains the following:

  • Inner Clean Freesia:  THE Vaginal Wash
  • A small cardboard box with an image of a young lady named Salama pulling a rope that comes out of her right nipple.   Printed is the following:  Specially designed surface for her.  FOR CONFIDENCE.  Three condoms that expire 12/2009.
  • 1 disposable toothbrush
  • 1 travel-sized toothpaste

I’ll let your imagination go wild in predicting what mess I was in. Tired with two overweight baggages and sagging from two more bags hanging off my body, the last thing I wanted to do was hitch a ride in an old car with a strange man who had the audacity to drop me off at a love motel in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve just discovered that the keys along the top of the keyboard are sticky.

I rest my case here.


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